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Sometimes I can’t think about anything but the book I am reading and sometimes weeks go by and I haven’t found anything to read. I feel myself getting extremely choosey with what I decide to read and spend WAY too much time browsing “Best Book” lists and Good Read recommendations. I keep looking for the mix of a well written, page turner in an unfamiliar story line. If every single book did not proclaim them self the next “Gone Girl’ I might not be so cynical in my book selection. I have enjoyed a few books recently while eagerly waiting the next “Sharp Objects” .

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American Wife – Curtis Sittenfeld – I picked this up while “working” a booth at the farmers market, but mainly killing time looking at books at the booth next to ours. I HATED Prep so I am not sure what made me bring this home. Maybe the familiarity of the author. Anyway, the first hundred or so pages of this very dense book were tough to get through and this sat on my bedside table for awhile while I re-read my favorite Tana French books (see below) but on a lazy Sunday with the Ravens out of the playoffs I picked it up again. I just loved it. A dense biography of a fictional first lady modeled after Laura Bush focuses more on the life of a young woman and the ups and downs of marriage, class tension and discovering and maintaining self identity made it quite the page turner for me. Usually these types of books are bit slow for me but something about the writing or the wanting to know how the characters ended up as they did kept me going. Give this book a chance and stick through the slow start. Maybe I will go back and read the beginning now that I liked the bulk of it so much.

The Likeness & In The Woods – Tana French I just LOVE all of the Dublin Murder Squad books. There slight removal from reality and characters to root for and infuriate you keep me reading over and over again. Maybe the setting makes them a bit different than regular who dun it books but I think it is a bit more. Tana French is just a gem and takes you through the spooky twists and turns with the best of them.

Rebecca – Daphne Du Maurier – I desperately needed something to download on my kindle for a long flight home after Christmas in Ireland. I remembered reading Rebecca in high school and loving but had forgotten the gist of the book. Second time around I found myself remembering that it was Jane Eyre I liked so much and wishing I was reading Jane Eyre. I enjoyed it but didn’t love it. Maybe because it was a re-read it was more predictable which is never fun in a mystery.

Currently reading The Silent Sister – Diane Chamberlain. Desperate purchase five minutes before flight from San Diego. I am enjoying it so far but nothing too amazing. Regular mystery, page turner.

Any recommendations? I am thinking Underground Railroad next since everyone seems to be raving about it.

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