First Work Trip Memories: Denver

Rocky Mountain Ice Cold Coors Light! As a fresh college graduate I couldn’t be more excited for my first business trip and so lucky that it happened to be Denver. Since we were all a bit unsure of how much time it actually took to set up a booth I was sent to Denver a few days before the actual conference. Luckily I was not alone and met my soon to be very best work friend turned real friend in the airport. We met in the Denver airport quite easily and ubered down to the luxurious Hotel Teatro to start the weekend. I can’t say enough nice things about the Hotel Teatro from the personalized welcome to turn down service with sweet treats, the coziest bed I have ever slept in and the most hospitable staff, from start to finish the stay was unforgettable.

After very quickly setting up our booth and a few new bruises from my new work bag and new work shoes we had time to explore! Our boss gifted us with tickets to the Rockies Phillies game so we headed down to the Ballpark area for drinks before the game. We soon discovered the transplant community of Denver making new friends who recently moved to the area from across the country. To this day the people we met in Denver were the absolute friendliest of any city. We joined a group playing beer pong on the roof of Tap Fourteen until the third inning. We ran over to the game to find that our tickets were actually for the following evening’s game. We ran back to the bar only missing a few rounds.ax3vsfgcqaaqxul

We spent the rest of the weekend running around, eventually attending the Rockies game, enjoying late night burritos and live music at Illegal Pete’s and unfortunately declining invitations to Redrocks (next time!). The rest of the team eventually arrived in time for a dinners at Euclid Hall and Fruition Restaurant  as post exhibition rewards.

The entire weekend was wonderful and I am looking forward to returning to Colorado later this month. Next time I will spend a bit more time in the wilderness hiking around Boulder.

Author: catontheroadblog

Excessive business traveler, leaving east coast-semi urban life for rural, over seas adventure.

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