Weekend Trips to Boston

A short, direct flight gets me easily to Boston for quick weekend work trips. As much as I love the West Coast I dream of easy East Coast trips that get me there and home as quickly as possible. Last time I went to Boston I was able to fly from Philadelphia to Florida for an early morning meeting and up to Boston in time for a late afternoon event. That was definitely a bit (a lot) stress inducing but we are spoiled with how easy it all is to get around. I have visited Boston a few times for conferences and food festivals, always in the summer, and feel like I see a different part of the city every time. Whenever I go back I want to move there immediately. Here are a few of my favorite work trip escapes and event  successes from my recent trips:boston-2

  • Eat at Dig Inn. There are tons of great restaurants (which I will include later) but I think I ate breakfast and lunch three days in a row at the Copley Square Dig Inn location. They feature yummy, healthy, local, produce centric bowls in a cafeteria style setting. Dig Inn has a few locations around the East Coast but it just makes me so excited for the future of quick service restaurants. As much as my friends were extremely tired of my dozens of bowl snap chats over the weekend it was just the BEST.
  • Also eat at Flour Bakery for the yummiest baked goods and a great selection of salads and sandwiches. I stopped here just before my flight home and filled my bag with brownies and muffins. Well worth the visit for a quick morning meal or to stock up on booth snacks.
  • Wake up and run around town before meetings. I had the best time running (and stopping for frequent photos) on the Charles River trail and on the streets (with frequent stops for red lights) and around Boston Common. Morning runs are always the best way for me to find where I want to eat the rest of the day.
  • Host an event on the roof of Legal Harborview. The view is a beautiful backdrop for guests Instagram posts, the area can be covered or open air depending on weather and it is within walking distance of the convention center so easy to visit after day sessions. The staff helped us create a custom menu and were extremely hospitable the entire night. boston-3
  • Stay at the Seaport Hotel if you will have early mornings and late nights around the convention center but if you have more flexibility pick a hotel in one of the other neighborhoods in Central Boston or Back Bay for a livelier atmosphere with many more shops and restaurants in walking distance.
  • Enjoy city views and expensive drinks at Top of the Hub restaurant and bar at the top of the Prudential Tower. We visited this bar at the end of a long night out so can’t say I remember too much but I have a blurry Instagram photo to remind me of the visit!img_0227
  • Other favorite restaurants included Row 34 for oysters, cocktails and the yummiest tuna crudo. Island Creek Oyster Bar and Gaslight for nice team dinners. Toro for fun tapas and yummy yummy cocktails.
  • There seem to be a bunch of hikes around the area if you can get a ride out of town (for everything else just use Uber or walk). I forget the name of the park we visited but I imagine it was one of these.
  • Walk around the Boston Public Library it is massive, historical and beautiful. Dozens of people spread out around the giant wooden tables studying and working. Beautiful marble architecture makes it well worth a (free) look around.

We were invited to partner with Harvard to sample chili at the Let’s Talk About Food festival in Copley Square on the hottest day of the year. It seemed like a great food community in the city and I would definitely check out local festivals to visit. Unfortunately I did not find as many bars with crazy Patriots fans the early season Sunday I visited. I am a little bit fascinated by the whole Patriots system and fan base so if anyone knows where I can find them let me know!

I can’t wait to return, hopefully for a Red Sox O’s series and a little less work!

Author: catontheroadblog

Excessive business traveler, leaving east coast-semi urban life for rural, over seas adventure.

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