Searching for the 12s in Seattle

Well I did not have to search long. The 12s are everywhere, EVERYWHERE. This city LOVES their football team and I guess back to back Superbowl appearances only encourage the fan enthusiasm. Every manicurist in town must have perfected the tiny sea hawk nail designs for the amount I saw during my week visit. Although I was unable to catch a game and experience the very loud crowd I thoroughly enjoyed Seattle’s many, many other offerings.

Dreading a long flight home and having my favorite mushroom friend as a travel companion we decided to avoid a red eye and add a day to a Tuesday- Friday trip giving us a bit of extra time to enjoy the city and surrounding wilderness.  Here are a few of my favorite things caught between board meetings and late night dinners:

Photo Courtesy: Hotel Alexis

Stay: Alexis Hotel, part of the Kimpton group, is a typical Kimpton with quirky art, striking furnishings, complimentary happy hours (and cookies), beautiful attached restaurant and surprises sprinkled around the hotel. I enjoyed an extremely lavish suite which may have played host to a few of our evening drinks. Leaving this hotel room was not the easiest day of my life. The Alexis is located a few blocks from the Public Market and within walking distance of the Space Needle. Next time (and not on an expense account) I will try out the Ace Hotel Seattle, since I am hoping to be the #1 member of the Ace Hotel fan club after my stay in Southern California: Los Angeles & Palm Springs.

Eat: Lowell’s in Pike Place for breakfast for a surprisingly delicious menu despite the very touristy location. Stateside for pork ribs and Tilth for a customer dinner. We ate squishy, juicy, local oysters at Etta’s and enjoyed a menu that pleased our pickier companions at The Brooklyn Steak, Seafood & Oyster House.

We dined and enjoyed an unforgettable night at Maxime Bilet’s Imagine Food pop-up restaurant space described as “a research center and art space with the goal of eliminating the boundaries between food, art, and science”. Some of our more traditional colleagues were not huge fans of the molecular gastronomy served and had to sneak some pizza back to the hotel later in the night but for the rest of the food enthusiasts present it was an incredibly unique experience including the softest poached salmon and funky mushroom foam I have ever had (maybe I needed a slice of pizza later but it was still amazing!)

Photo Courtesy: Chihuly Gardens & Glass

Visit: The Chihuly Gardens & Glass exhibit and walk around the Space Needle park. I recently learned that the Space Needle did not actually visit space. Which makes me very confused to why there is a monument called the space needle when there are so many space ships available to use as monuments. Due to my celestial disappointment we did not pay the fee to visit the top of the Space Needle. I am sure it is worth the beautiful view but would be MUCH cooler if it doubled as a space museum. We stumbled upon the Olympic Sculpture Park on our walk home and were quite impressed. Beautiful outdoor designs and free, free, free to the public!

Run: along the Seattle Waterfront and around the aquarium. Decent views and less stop lights. A longer, paved trail, the Myrtal Edwards Park , runs along the water for a beautiful view to distract from exercise! I ran around the city a bit but it turned into a walking tour of Starbucks locations due to co-worker’s morning coffee requests and frequent stoplights. seattle

Escape: Experience the stunning Pacific North West and get out of the city! On our free day we rented a car for around $50 and did a bit of googling to find a decent hike within an hour of the city. We identified Rattlesnake Ridge, hopped in the car and high tailed it to the mountain. For late autumn, the trail was still decently occupied with fellow hikers both animal and human. We couldn’t stop laughing at the absolute pleasantness from everyone we approached. Lots of hellos and smiles! Must be a West Coast thing. Not funny was how absolutely unprepared for a hike we were but however slowly we made it to the peak!

As always I can’t wait to return and see more than a tiny slice of this beautiful city and will definitely make sure to stay through Sunday to sit in the stands with Ciara!


Author: catontheroadblog

Excessive business traveler, leaving east coast-semi urban life for rural, over seas adventure.

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