South Florida and Harry Potter World

I once spent three days in South Beach and it was just enough to last me my entire life. The senior style of the surrounding beach towns are much more my pace than the Miami club life. I have luckily visited family in Delray & Boyton which I absolutely loved. Not to say South Beach isn’t absolutely worth visiting. It is definitely a one of a kind city just a little bit loud for me. Recently when visiting family in Boyton we traveled up to Universal Studios to visit Harry Potter World for a dream come true vacation. Favorite parts about visiting South Florida and Universal:

  • Delray Beach’s Atlantic Avenue is packed with people, restaurants, galleries and shops. I couldn’t believe how busy it was with people out for the night on a Saturday in February. Rent an AirBnB or stay in one of the hotels off of Atlantic Avenue, all within walking distance of the beach
  • Visit the local farm markets. So much beautiful, Florida produce available and all super affordable. florida 4
  • We visited once during the “Saveur the Avenue” event where a big long table was set up down the Avenue and the different restaurants supplied the food for the tables in their section. Throughout the winter there seems to be something going on in one of the towns every weekend from the Garlic Festival to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Everything is better when it is 75 degrees in the middle of winter.
  • Travel with your team to a Miami Dolphins game. The stadium is 50% traveling fans making it not as intimidating to be the opposing team.
  • Eat Key Lime pie from the Old Key Lime House in Lantana. It is just so good. I want it right now.
  • We visited Miami during Art Basel. There were so many exhibits and outdoor displays all over the place. Went we actually arrived at the Convention Center for the main gallery most of our group felt we had already seen enough art and there was no real need to pay the entrance fee into the main event. We were shamed into entering and thoroughly enjoyed walking up and down the aisles with all of the fancy art people. It did get a bit overwhelming but still very cool. florida 3

Really it is totally worth visiting (living) in any of these towns. So much to do or to sit on the beach and do absolutely nothing.

The drive to Universal Studios was a bit longer than expected so the two nights we stayed for our one day in the park was definitely worth it. florida 1

We arrived at the park thirty minutes before opening allowing time to go through security and pick up our tickets through the will call kiosk (super fast and easy). Since Harry Potter world is divided between Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios we had to purchase the two park one day ticket. We ran straight into Universal Studios for the newest addition to Harry Potter World – Diagon Alley and the Escape from Gringotts Ride. IT WAS AMAZING. The whole day we spent going back and forth between the two parks and road everything we wanted to and some twice. Two days in the parks may have made things a bit more leisurely but there was no real need. You definitely would need to be able to do both parks whenever you want because there was not enough in Universal Studios to keep us occupied other than the Diagon Alley.

Definitely will be returning soon with my new school robes!

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Excessive business traveler, leaving east coast-semi urban life for rural, over seas adventure.

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