Arrived, sick, excited and jet lagged

After an extremely tearful goodbye to family it could only look up after checking in at Dulles Airport for my move to Ireland. Thank goodness it did.. for a few hours anyway.  My thousands of business miles on American Airlines allowed me access to the fancy fancy British Airways lounge for my pre-flight waiting.ireland 2

A bit hesitant that they would actually let me in wearing my yoga pants and hoodies followed my hesitancy on what I was allowed to do in the lounge I soon learned it is the most wonderful place in the world. Even though I was severely under dressed (why are people wearing suits on an overnight flight) Free drinks! Free food! Free wifi! I had some snacks and champagne and watched old Pretty Little Liars episodes (the only thing keeping me from crying the preceding days) and all of a sudden the once very full lounge was empty and I was late for my flight. I ran down the hall and just made it onto my overnight flight to Heathrow where I would connect to Dublin. Another success when I reached my seat, I had an entire row to myself for lots of stretching out and blanket hoarding. The flight left at six pm which is earlier than I am used to, I guess Philly to Dublin flights are a shorter trip, so I watched a few movies before… getting very sick and not sleeping at all. UGH. The rest of the flight was pretty miserable and even though I enjoyed ANOTHER airport lounge in Heathrow filled with breakfast buffet and champagne bar (really the lounge is just the most amazing place I have ever been) I was pretty sick through my travels.

Speed things up to my airport collection and past few days I am still so sick, unable to beat the jet lag, home sick but so happy to be here after a year of talking about it and three months of planning it. Things I am succeeding at a few days into the move:

  • Fire lighting: I have become an expert fire lighter. Mainly out of necessity because I am constantly freezing and I haven’t learned if our house has actual heat or not. I hear it does but no evidence yet.
  • Taking tylenol: That years supply I purchased at Costco before moving is sure having a dent put into it but I was given some lempsip which seems to be working IMG_1550
  • Getting used to cats: I love my family’s sweet, perfect Chihuahua more than anyone could ever love something so replacing a perfect dog with dozens of feral cats has some getting used to in my new house. There is one cat that has been thrown on me when I am sitting on the couch which seems be kind of nice like a little lap dog…almost.


  • Understanding GAA Football: I think I almost understand the rules of the game. I really wish they had chairs to sit in on the side of the pitch, or a blanket. If I brought a blanket would I get in trouble? Why does everyone stand? Now that I am starting to understand I just need to find a new friend to stand with at the games.
  • Doing JOBS: Wow I was a super lazy American! Getting used to washing dishes without a dish washer (update: dishwasher was installed for this lazy american), hanging laundry out to dry, lighting fires to keep warm in the morning, going to the shop every day for food because the fridge is so teeny tiny. Suffering from my personal plague is not helping the motivation level for the house chores but I better start getting motivated before the spring farming jobs start up!
  • Driving:  I very tearfully had my first driving lesson today.  I have been TERRIFIED to learn how to drive a manual transmission but it went a bit better than anticipated and I am not as nervous for my next lesson. Thank goodness because the closest thing I can walk to from home is nothing so a car is very necessary!

Going for a walk now to listen to episode 3 of S Town!


Author: catontheroadblog

Excessive business traveler, leaving east coast-semi urban life for rural, over seas adventure.

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