Week one living in Ireland complete

One week down here in Ireland! After spending the the last year visiting every few weeks it is such a nice feeling to not be dealing with a ticking clock before I have to get back on a plane. If I want to remain jetlagged a week after I arriving I can sleep until noon and not worry!

Well not really. Last week when sleeping in the middle of the day I was caught. I woke up very frazzled, sweaty and covering myself in blankets. I think I caught a small break for being sick since a thermometer and some medicine was sent home to me later in the day.  At least I quickly learned we have different visitors in the house throughout the day. Today I was just out of the shower when we had a visitor I went and hid in my closet. Getting used to it slowly! Definitely waking up tomorrow before ten am.

Spring is coming quickly so lots of farm jobs will come with the sun. Pigs will be picked up this week, cattle will be moved and all of the vegetables will have to be planted keeping everyone busy busy busy. So we made the most of this nice mix of spring weather without spring jobs and went on a long walk around Donerarile Park with his family. The park was packed! We finished the day with a Sunday roast lamb with his family and a few hours escape to kick footballs at the GAA pitch.

Now that I am feeling better hopefully this week will be a bit more ambitious and maybe a list of things can be done.. or at least written.


Author: catontheroadblog

Excessive business traveler, leaving east coast-semi urban life for rural, over seas adventure.

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