Getting used to living with animals

Starting the day crying because I miss my coffee machine so much has continued with a lot of unnecessary and unprovoked crying about American things I miss. These are not the things I should be crying about missing like family and friends, instead I am crying about coffee, nachos, brick oven pizza and a comfy couch. At least I have started to make a list of things to do during my June visit so no time will be wasted.

One week in I have completely run out of ideas of things to cook for dinner. We have chicken thighs to cook in the fridge and I cried because I could not think of anything to make with them and I don’t want to make anything with them. Today is a day full of melodrama!

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We are semi dog watching the best dog. He has cheered me up substantially by placing his very large head on my lap, the closest thing I have had to a Chihuahua lap cuddle in weeks.

I have enjoyed a few new animal “firsts” this week. It is taking me a little bit of time to get used to all of the different animals but I am learning and loving (some of them)!

Cattle: After winter in their cattle barn (which I have learned is to keep them safe and warm during rainy, dark winter) it was time for the cattle to be released into their first field of the season! Cows are so slow and gentle this would be no problem, right? wrong! After spending the morning fixing and checking the electric fence (C did this, I hid in the tractor) it was time to free the cattle. They went nuts! Bucking out of their barn, getting tangled in the fence and running so fast away from their barn to the far corner of the just repaired fence. A few minutes later the fence is secured and the cattle are roaming around, checking their borders and meeting new cattle friends. (No photos taken during this as I had to pretend to look like a serious cattle mover).


Cats: There are four cats roaming around the house. Two cats I hate and two cats are very cute and sweet and love to be brushed with a broom. The whole outdoorsness of the cats scares me the most. They are so wild and their claws are so sharp! One cat  loves coming in the house and stalks the back door waiting for me to be too slow so she can come in and sit on the chair by the fire like a luxurious cat queen. Even when I push her out with the broom and digs her claws into the floor trying to stay. Her determination usually wins. Yesterday, Baby cat brought a nice big mouse present into the house for me. Luckily Loppy dog came over and vacuumed the mouse up from the cat like a little snack. Disgusting!

Pig countdown has started and chickens have been promised so I better start getting used to these animals living in our cottage with us.

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Excessive business traveler, leaving east coast-semi urban life for rural, over seas adventure.

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