Baking & Sandwich Making for Football Team

After a long weekend of farm work, Monday and Tuesday were designated house work days (by me). Mainly needed so I could have an excuse to sleep in and stay home.

Huge milestone of the day was my attempt to be home-y and bake banana nut bread. We had a morning drop-in from family right as the bread was going in the oven. Great success, in my head. I was unfortunately caught having left the stove on from melting the butter but at least there is definite  Bonus, the bread turned out amazing. Recipe here: Avoca Banana Nut Bread. I used scales, grams and everything!

Luckily the house was the cleanest it has been since my arrival due to an entire house mopping, vacuuming and scrubbing yesterday. How different my days are now cleaning an old cottage and hanging laundry out on a line.

Second huge milestone of the day was my visit in to town to the bank and the shop where I knew not one, but two people! A girl from the Pilates class that I attended in the local community hall and someone from the football team!

Weekend farming!

Our (Because MY driving lessons are going very slowly we are an OUR whenever driving is needed) quick trip to the show was to purchase sandwich making ingredients for the Football team’s post training sandwich dinner. Orange slices and Gatorade do not seem to suffice here. The FOUR loaves of bread had to be slathered with butter before filled with our free-range egg salad, organic roast chicken (home roasted!) or tuna (Aldi’s finest cans) and placed on a tray to be delivered to the match.

Sandwiches and footballer have left, dishes are done and the immersion (??) heater is heating up my shower.  Five minutes? Twenty minutes? until the shower is ready. Not too sure. There is a timer but baby steps to learning how that works. I will definitely be appreciating my unplanned hot showers during my visit back home in June. Until then very much enjoying farm and cottage activities.




Author: catontheroadblog

Excessive business traveler, leaving east coast-semi urban life for rural, over seas adventure.

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