Another week of Irish cottage life

*written while sitting by the fire in mid April listening to Sunday Sport on our only entertainment center, the one station radio.

Not that I am complaining! (maybe a little bit) One of my favorite things since moving is that there always things to do during the day, planting , cooking, reading, working (and someone to do everything with) and I don’t really miss having the TV on all of the time. Luckily to the internet, our laptops and some benefactors giving us their Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sky Player etc. passwords we are able to keep us up to date with our favorite shows as not to completely remove ourselves from modern life.

Another thing about new farm life that I am completely loving is being in one place for more than a week. Back home months would go by where I would not be in the same place for more than a week between Philly and Baltimore, work trips, friend trips and trips to Ireland it was exhausting. I say this now when we are about to leave for Guatemala for three weeks but I feel very settled and starting to feel very at home here. Excellent progress!

This week was a blur of a small bit of gardening, computer work, half a dozen attempts at planting potatoes and cattle moving!

Unfortunately no photos were taken of cattle moving because I once again had to look sensible and not distracted with Instagram! This didn’t stop me from getting in trouble for collecting trash on the way, putting my back to the cattle. Not a good move on my rookie experience.

I have learned that the cattle have to move from field to field through their outdoor time every so often. We had to move the cattle a few miles (two maybe?) down the road from their first field to another field. It was so much fun! You had to make sure they stayed on the road and not get distracted by all the other nice fields. At one point a cattle escaped and ran all around someone’s front garden. One person had to block off different entries and then run through the fields to catch up with us in the front. It was the best mix of excitement and a nice little walk through the country side. I was very surprised I was allowed to help at all but now in my vast experience now of cattle moving it seems more bodies to help the better. Hopefully my lack of experience or common sense did not hinder the process too much.

Ireland week 4
Courtesy of Cottage Market Kildorrey for a photo of busy market selling!
Eventually the ridger for the tractor was fixed by the machine shop next door (who we met still working at 11 PM!) and we started planting the potatoes on Saturday evening after a busy market morning. Five rows planted many more to go!

After only a small personal breakdown Friday night due to withdraw from the easy, entertainment life I am used to to busy working life and a reward of Papa Johns pizza for my bad behavior I am looking forward to this week with a new attitude! And an excuse of preparing for Guatemala on my computer for a few hours if I just can’t hack it.

It is Easter today and I have learned about the chocolate egg which seems to be the very popular (only?) treat people receive for Easter. They all seem to be just chocolate shaped eggs. I don’t really understand. Where are the licorice jelly beans and peeps and Reese cups eggs? Regardless, I will be just fine with the Cadbury chocolate basket prize C won last week.

I think today may be filled with a little more chocolate and a little less farming. Maybe!


Author: catontheroadblog

Excessive business traveler, leaving east coast-semi urban life for rural, over seas adventure.

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