Hens, BBQs & Afternoon Tea in Cork

Summer is slinking by here in North Cork. We had an entire week of sunshine and 75 + degree weather which was spent entirely outside. Unfortunately we are now back to clouds and cardigan weather. It was nice while it lasted as I now jealously watch everyone on Instagram celebrating the 4th at the shore!

Fun events filled June making it fly by and now we are in a concert filled July. We have had a little break from football training sessions allowing for BBQs, farm jobs and a fancy dinner night down in Baltimore! June highlights: IMG_2413

  • Summer BBQs – I threw a little bit of a fit when I first heard the menu of our Saturday BBQ. Liver? Sausages? Boiled Eggs? where are the hot dogs, Mac & Cheese, corn on the cob and paper plates? Instead on the menu we had steaks, burgers, Liver, grilled chicken, salad, potato salad, fresh sourdough loaf and  freshly made moijitos with our Six days in Cuba Rum around the picnic table to enjoy the sunshine. I am converted to the garden party style outdoor grilling. The menu might be different but the large quantity of food and festive mood were the same.  Fingers crossed for the sun to shine again soon!IMG_2491
  • Afternoon Tea at Hayfield Manor – We celebrated a few birthdays and a baby with a special treat of Afternoon Tea at a hotel in Cork City near the University. Gave us a chance to dress in fancy, day dresses and spend the afternoon chatting and snacking on cakes and sandwiches. Since I am always most concerned about my next meal and getting enough food I was nervous I would be hungry having a meal consisting of dainty sandwiches and sweets. Not at all. You are so full from the treats we could barely finish our tower! You get unlimited coffee or tea in a variety of flavors and so many fresh sandwiches, cakes, scones and sweets it was just so nice. The room and service at the Hayfield were just beautiful and made the whole afternoon memorable. If you are visiting Ireland and Cork definitely give yourself the afternoon to have afternoon tea. Seemed to be only girls but I am sure men can join as well! The Hayfield does two two bookings 1:30 and 3:30 with the 3:30 there was no rush to leave which they may have during the first booking. You don’t want to be in any rush to get somewhere to really enjoy the leisurely afternoon. IMG_2432
  • Ten types of seaweed in the tasting menu at Mews in Baltimore.  We drove the two hours to the coast to enjoy a very indulgent dinner at the seasonal restaurant Mews.  Mews sets the standard for farm to table, or foraged to table dining. Everything is sourced and prepared within feet to miles of the restaurant. Another example of European pace we were at the restaurant for over four hours from first drinks to after dinner coffee. The pacing of the courses was perfect and everything we tasted was a complete experience while still being absolutely delicious. Worth the trip to the small coastal town and maybe next time we will stay the night.

Those are the highlights. Struggles include managing a dozen hens which seem to do the exact opposite of what you want them to do at all times. Including laying their eggs for us to find in different parts of the hedge! Every day is Easter!



Author: catontheroadblog

Excessive business traveler, leaving east coast-semi urban life for rural, over seas adventure.

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