Weekend of Music around the Town with Clonmel Junction Festival

We skipped out a early on jobs most nights this week for music, hurling and lots of fast food. As part of the Clonmel Junction Festival there were different shows around the town through the week and two special shows inside the Mitchelstown Caves.

We started the week off seeing Baltimore band Future Islands in the Cork Opera House for a fun few hours and a few minor altercations.

Friday night Peter Broderick played inside the cave! We were told to arrive thirty minutes early for our escort into the cave and to dress warm for the 12 degree cave climate. After a little while of admiring the countryside the cave owners escorted the group down the steep climb and 10 minute walk through the caves to the back of the cave concert location. Even if the music was horrible what a place to see a show. It was so beautiful and eerie. The sounds echoing off of the caves and the dim candles creating shadows everywhere made it completely magical. The music, however, was not horrible it was beautiful as always.

Saturday after a busy market, minor altercations, and pig moving we skipped out into town to watch one of the Hurling Finals. Being the only girl in the pub on a Saturday night is still way strange but having a match to watch made it much better. Cake and tea at home ended the night with my semi unsuccessful hot milk cake. Needs much more practice!


Sunday it was off to Clonmel town for the second half of the Junction Festival. We arrived early after a quick stop at the pick-your-own fruit farm bringing back Larriland memories. With no child with us we looked a little strange around the fairy garden but left with handfuls of strawberry jam and fresh cherries.

We arrived at Mulcahy’s in time to watch a Cork win in the Cork v Clare Hurling Final. A few more girls in this bar this time, maybe because it was a bigger town? After the match we had a few hours to kill at a very uneventful festival while waiting for the night’s concert. If you are looking for a bar or grocery store recommendation in Clonmel let us know because we walked every inch of the ghost town.  Finally after feeling very disappointed in ourselves for spending an entire day in Clonmel over the many other jobs we could be doing the Talos show started. Talos made it COMPLETELY worth it. Amazing show in a small bar. Listening to them non-stop this morning and hoping they are announced as the opener for either Bon Iver or The National in September.

Music week ends on Tuesday with Fleet Foxes in Cork city and then back to semi regular life.

We are so lucky to have family close to take care of the hens while we are off gallivanting. All hens are happy and accounted for and producing a record 10 eggs daily.

Author: catontheroadblog

Excessive business traveler, leaving east coast-semi urban life for rural, over seas adventure.

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