Dreamy Dreamy Weekend in Copenhagen

Last week my very fancy, smart friend was over in Stockholm for work which means she was a heck of a lot closer to me than anyone else from home so we decided to meet for a little weekend get away somewhere new. When I moved to Ireland I had the idea that I would be travelling every weekend and seeing all of Europe, even though it is SO much closer and much more affordable life definitely gets in the way and being semi-unemployed travel must be on a budget. So this was my first trip off the Island since Guatemala.

A quick google flights trip (a life saver) search showed Copenhagen, London and Amsterdam to be the lowest cost flights so we picked Copenhagen. (Maybe because my fancy, smart friend had an international boyfriend there and maybe not…).

IMG_2786 (1)

After finding an affordable flight  I didn’t think we would have any problem finding a cheap hotel or hostel. First mistake! I think there are many cities in Europe you can book accommodation last minute, Copenhagen in August is not one of them. Hostel prices were over $500 a night and there was not an available (affordable) hotel within 10 miles. Maybe we should have checked this before booking the flights. Regardless.  After a few hours of panic we eventually ended up finding a moderately priced AirBnB north of Copenhagen ($200 a night for a 1 BDR Apartment eeeh). Usually I would be able to fly directly from Cork but to save $100 I added 100% stress and flew from Dublin via Oslo… again, next time I might book a bit further ahead.  Continue reading “Dreamy Dreamy Weekend in Copenhagen”

Weekend of Music around the Town with Clonmel Junction Festival

We skipped out a early on jobs most nights this week for music, hurling and lots of fast food. As part of the Clonmel Junction Festival there were different shows around the town through the week and two special shows inside the Mitchelstown Caves.

We started the week off seeing Baltimore band Future Islands in the Cork Opera House for a fun few hours and a few minor altercations.

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Hens, BBQs & Afternoon Tea in Cork

Summer is slinking by here in North Cork. We had an entire week of sunshine and 75 + degree weather which was spent entirely outside. Unfortunately we are now back to clouds and cardigan weather. It was nice while it lasted as I now jealously watch everyone on Instagram celebrating the 4th at the shore!

Fun events filled June making it fly by and now we are in a concert filled July. We have had a little break from football training sessions allowing for BBQs, farm jobs and a fancy dinner night down in Baltimore! June highlights:  Continue reading “Hens, BBQs & Afternoon Tea in Cork”

Don’t miss! Things to do in Guatemala

Surprising to me but maybe not others but there was a huge variety of things to do in Guatemala. A nice mix of relaxing, tropical enjoyment, high adventure and then a little but of ancient history. During our visit we did most everything on our list except Semuc Champey but since we mainly around Lake Atilan for our trip we had to choose between Semuc Champey and Tikal and are pretty happy with our decision!  Continue reading “Don’t miss! Things to do in Guatemala”

Visiting Guatemala: Best Restaurants & Hotels in Panajachel, Lake Atilan & Flores

A mix of super specific volunteer needs (mushroom marketing specialist), and new work from home freedom allowed C and I to visit Guatemala for three weeks in May. Three weeks is ALOT of time to spend in one place on holiday which gave us time to find great food, visit several different towns and participate in all of Guatemala’s best activities for locals and tourists. We spent the bulk of our time in Lake Atilan but also visited Antigua, Tikal, Flores and Guatemala City. I will share a separate post on the other cities we visited but Lake Atilan became our little region so after eating out ALOT, hopping on pick up trucks and becoming experts at Lancha navigation here are top picks not to miss when visiting Lake Atilan. Continue reading “Visiting Guatemala: Best Restaurants & Hotels in Panajachel, Lake Atilan & Flores”

Another week of Irish cottage life

*written while sitting by the fire in mid April listening to Sunday Sport on our only entertainment center, the one station radio.

Not that I am complaining! (maybe a little bit) One of my favorite things since moving is that there always things to do during the day, planting , cooking, reading, working (and someone to do everything with) and I don’t really miss having the TV on all of the time. Luckily to the internet, our laptops and some benefactors giving us their Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sky Player etc. passwords we are able to keep us up to date with our favorite shows as not to completely remove ourselves from modern life.

Another thing about new farm life that I am completely loving is being in one place for more than a week. Back home months would go by where I would not be in the same place for more than a week between Philly and Baltimore, work trips, friend trips and trips to Ireland it was exhausting. I say this now when we are about to leave for Guatemala for three weeks but I feel very settled and starting to feel very at home here. Excellent progress!

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Baking & Sandwich Making for Football Team

After a long weekend of farm work, Monday and Tuesday were designated house work days (by me). Mainly needed so I could have an excuse to sleep in and stay home.

Huge milestone of the day was my attempt to be home-y and bake banana nut bread. We had a morning drop-in from family right as the bread was going in the oven. Great success, in my head. I was unfortunately caught having left the stove on from melting the butter but at least there is definite  Bonus, the bread turned out amazing. Recipe here: Avoca Banana Nut Bread. I used scales, grams and everything!

Luckily the house was the cleanest it has been since my arrival due to an entire house mopping, vacuuming and scrubbing yesterday. How different my days are now cleaning an old cottage and hanging laundry out on a line.

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