Don’t miss! Things to do in Guatemala

Surprising to me but maybe not others but there was a huge variety of things to do in Guatemala. A nice mix of relaxing, tropical enjoyment, high adventure and then a little but of ancient history. During our visit we did most everything on our list except Semuc Champey but since we mainly around Lake Atilan for our trip we had to choose between Semuc Champey and Tikal and are pretty happy with our decision!  Continue reading “Don’t miss! Things to do in Guatemala”

Visiting Guatemala: Best Restaurants & Hotels in Panajachel, Lake Atilan & Flores

A mix of super specific volunteer needs (mushroom marketing specialist), and new work from home freedom allowed C and I to visit Guatemala for three weeks in May. Three weeks is ALOT of time to spend in one place on holiday which gave us time to find great food, visit several different towns and participate in all of Guatemala’s best activities for locals and tourists. We spent the bulk of our time in Lake Atilan but also visited Antigua, Tikal, Flores and Guatemala City. I will share a separate post on the other cities we visited but Lake Atilan became our little region so after eating out ALOT, hopping on pick up trucks and becoming experts at Lancha navigation here are top picks not to miss when visiting Lake Atilan. Continue reading “Visiting Guatemala: Best Restaurants & Hotels in Panajachel, Lake Atilan & Flores”

South Florida and Harry Potter World

I once spent three days in South Beach and it was just enough to last me my entire life. The senior style of the surrounding beach towns are much more my pace than the Miami club life. I have luckily visited family in Delray & Boyton which I absolutely loved. Not to say South Beach isn’t absolutely worth visiting. It is definitely a one of a kind city just a little bit loud for me. Recently when visiting family in Boyton we traveled up to Universal Studios to visit Harry Potter World for a dream come true vacation. Favorite parts about visiting South Florida and Universal:

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What to do in Washington D.C. Top Ten

I travel around Washington D.C. and New York City often enough that they receive a special top ten post from not quite a local but not quite a tourist either. My trips to D.C. have been a mix of visiting friends, frequent business travel to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and family day trips when foreign visitors are in town. Washington D.C. is beautiful, historical, busy,packed with transplants, eclectic, maneuverable and a place I thought I may move before I decided to move to Ireland. Who knows, maybe we will be back!

Top Ten D.C. Activities: 

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Searching for the 12s in Seattle

Well I did not have to search long. The 12s are everywhere, EVERYWHERE. This city LOVES their football team and I guess back to back Superbowl appearances only encourage the fan enthusiasm. Every manicurist in town must have perfected the tiny sea hawk nail designs for the amount I saw during my week visit. Although I was unable to catch a game and experience the very loud crowd I thoroughly enjoyed Seattle’s many, many other offerings.

Dreading a long flight home and having my favorite mushroom friend as a travel companion we decided to avoid a red eye and add a day to a Tuesday- Friday trip giving us a bit of extra time to enjoy the city and surrounding wilderness.  Here are a few of my favorite things caught between board meetings and late night dinners:

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Weekend Trips to Boston

A short, direct flight gets me easily to Boston for quick weekend work trips. As much as I love the West Coast I dream of easy East Coast trips that get me there and home as quickly as possible. Last time I went to Boston I was able to fly from Philadelphia to Florida for an early morning meeting and up to Boston in time for a late afternoon event. That was definitely a bit (a lot) stress inducing but we are spoiled with how easy it all is to get around. I have visited Boston a few times for conferences and food festivals, always in the summer, and feel like I see a different part of the city every time. Whenever I go back I want to move there immediately. Here are a few of my favorite work trip escapes and event  successes from my recent trips: Continue reading “Weekend Trips to Boston”

Sneaking out in Scottsdale

Though frequently traveling through Sky Harbor (the best airport name ever) my stays in Arizona have been much less common. My love for the west coast (not the long flight over) extends to California’s neighbors. I have actually never been to downtown Phoenix but a few conferences and one family wedding brought me to Scottsdale. Pretty much anywhere the sun is shinning and the city has a unique feel to it I generally enjoy. Maybe not always the case like Six days in Cuba, but usually. I found no exception in Scottsdale. Hikes, outdoor fire side dining and plenty of pool meetings – what is not to love! Continue reading “Sneaking out in Scottsdale”