Six days in Cuba

Two nights in the remote seaside village acros de canasi.img_0720

For Americans the ability to travel to Cuba is a recent opportunity due to the restoration in the relationship between Cuba and the United States in December, 2014. However the first commercial flights for non-Cuban natives began in late 2016. Now, pretty affordably and a 45 minute hop from Southern Florida airports Americans can enjoy what the rest of the world has been enjoying for the last fifty years. Visit quickly because the intrigue of Cuba is the extreme lack of US influence and commercialize. Our visit brought us to a country where time both stopped and continued since the 1960/1961 embargo. The beauty of Cuba at its height of decadence is still evident in the extraordinary architecture but the austerity measures and lack of low-cost trading is evident in the dilapidation of many of these grand buildings. However, growth and rehabilitation are imminent as restoration and infrastructure projects could be seen throughout the country especially in Havana. The Castro administration has developed several restoration projects funded through tourist money to repair the aging architecture. So how did we spend our six days? We had two Casas Particulares (private homes where rooms are available to rent similar to a B&b) booked and a tentative plan to visit Mantazas, Acros de Canasi, Havana and Varadero.  Continue reading “Six days in Cuba”