Visiting Guatemala: Best Restaurants & Hotels in Panajachel, Lake Atilan & Flores

A mix of super specific volunteer needs (mushroom marketing specialist), and new work from home freedom allowed C and I to visit Guatemala for three weeks in May. Three weeks is ALOT of time to spend in one place on holiday which gave us time to find great food, visit several different towns and participate in all of Guatemala’s best activities for locals and tourists. We spent the bulk of our time in Lake Atilan but also visited Antigua, Tikal, Flores and Guatemala City. I will share a separate post on the other cities we visited but Lake Atilan became our little region so after eating out ALOT, hopping on pick up trucks and becoming experts at Lancha navigation here are top picks not to miss when visiting Lake Atilan. Continue reading “Visiting Guatemala: Best Restaurants & Hotels in Panajachel, Lake Atilan & Flores”

Portland & Portland

Before diving into new farm life I continue to recap my favorite destinations from five years of excessive work travel. Portland, Oregon and Portland, Maine are two of my favorites and though a country apart, hip food scenes make both my experiences quite similar. They both involved excessive eating and drinking and some hiking. In both Portlands I was hosting chefs for the week which made it exceptionally more entertaining while reminding me that I am in no way cut out for the life of a chef. Unless perhaps I was in charge of salads and worked from 11 am – 2 pm. I could do that… maybe.

Continue reading “Portland & Portland”