Visiting Guatemala: Best Restaurants & Hotels in Panajachel, Lake Atilan & Flores

A mix of super specific volunteer needs (mushroom marketing specialist), and new work from home freedom allowed C and I to visit Guatemala for three weeks in May. Three weeks is ALOT of time to spend in one place on holiday which gave us time to find great food, visit several different towns and participate in all of Guatemala’s best activities for locals and tourists. We spent the bulk of our time in Lake Atilan but also visited Antigua, Tikal, Flores and Guatemala City. I will share a separate post on the other cities we visited but Lake Atilan became our little region so after eating out ALOT, hopping on pick up trucks and becoming experts at Lancha navigation here are top picks not to miss when visiting Lake Atilan. Continue reading “Visiting Guatemala: Best Restaurants & Hotels in Panajachel, Lake Atilan & Flores”

First Work Trip Memories: Denver

Rocky Mountain Ice Cold Coors Light! As a fresh college graduate I couldn’t be more excited for my first business trip and so lucky that it happened to be Denver. Since we were all a bit unsure of how much time it actually took to set up a booth I was sent to Denver a few days before the actual conference. Luckily I was not alone and met my soon to be very best work friend turned real friend in the airport. We met in the Denver airport quite easily and ubered down to the luxurious Hotel Teatro to start the weekend. I can’t say enough nice things about the Hotel Teatro from the personalized welcome to turn down service with sweet treats, the coziest bed I have ever slept in and the most hospitable staff, from start to finish the stay was unforgettable.

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Kansas City & Salt Lake City

I unexpectedly loved Kansas City and unexpectedly did not love Salt Lake City but I think traveling for a vacation rather than exhibitor life and getting out of the city more would have changed my opinion drastically.

I dreaded DREADED visiting Kansas City on a weekend in the middle of the summer when I could be at the shore. However, Kansas City is charming and hip and walk-able. All things I love in a city. I arrived earlier than my colleagues to set up for the expo so have a day to myself. After setting up the booth alone (several tears and a few hours later) I had the city to myself! Kansas City B Cycle (bike share) have locations everywhere and with my hotel about a mile away from the convention center and city center the bikes allowed me to zip around town to explore.

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