Dreamy Dreamy Weekend in Copenhagen

Last week my very fancy, smart friend was over in Stockholm for work which means she was a heck of a lot closer to me than anyone else from home so we decided to meet for a little weekend get away somewhere new. When I moved to Ireland I had the idea that I would be travelling every weekend and seeing all of Europe, even though it is SO much closer and much more affordable life definitely gets in the way and being semi-unemployed travel must be on a budget. So this was my first trip off the Island since Guatemala.

A quick google flights trip (a life saver) search showed Copenhagen, London and Amsterdam to be the lowest cost flights so we picked Copenhagen. (Maybe because my fancy, smart friend had an international boyfriend there and maybe not…).

IMG_2786 (1)

After finding an affordable flight  I didn’t think we would have any problem finding a cheap hotel or hostel. First mistake! I think there are many cities in Europe you can book accommodation last minute, Copenhagen in August is not one of them. Hostel prices were over $500 a night and there was not an available (affordable) hotel within 10 miles. Maybe we should have checked this before booking the flights. Regardless.  After a few hours of panic we eventually ended up finding a moderately priced AirBnB north of Copenhagen ($200 a night for a 1 BDR Apartment eeeh). Usually I would be able to fly directly from Cork but to save $100 I added 100% stress and flew from Dublin via Oslo… again, next time I might book a bit further ahead.  Continue reading “Dreamy Dreamy Weekend in Copenhagen”